Diana and David are a fascinating couple who decided to do their engagement session in Urban Style. They chose Union Station and just look at this perfect match of these loving souls, outfits, and the location!

We arranged a mid-day engagement session for Diana & David with warm earthly and turquoise pastel tones which made this engagement session absolutely special!

Color palette:

Full Engagement Session Album

We all love how it sounds but how do we define it?

Fine-Art feels like love: you know it when you see it, but can’t quite point out why.

Photojournalistic style is a backlash against the meticulously posed, classic static photography is a solemnity of traditions. But art-key stands as the whole new world created on a mix of new definitions of posing, candid, conceptuality, fashion, and yes, the art of capturing wedding day.

Fine-Art feels like love: you know it when you see it, but can’t quite point out why.

Fine-Art, Full-Day Albums:

Ann Marie & Tony

Naomi & Benjamin

Anna & Jason

Photojournalistic wedding photography is an unposed and undirected visual narrative of your wedding day. This style of photography allows you to just let go and enjoy your day without worrying about posing for more pics. At least a little less posing, ok :)

“Your wedding photography will look like your wedding, and not a collection of Pinterest boards. Your images will be a unique work of art. They will show something that the wedding industry can never plan or inspire, because your wedding will look like how you felt. – Jeannie G., Wedding Photographer

A photojournalist’s influence over a photograph is limited by timing, field-of-view, and exposure settings on their cameras. If you want to have your wedding day captured in the photojournalistic style, make sure to have enough photography coverage hours (6+).

The results are a truly timeless photographic representation of your wedding day and its spirit, your love and union, and the wonderful cast of characters that are your family and close friends.

Capturing creative upstaged moments without interfering or altering the scene.

Our Full-Day Albums With Photojournalistic Style

Lucy & Wes

Shannon & Mike

Ashley & Kevin

Dani & Marcos

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