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When One Angle is Not Enough

All-Inclusive Service

Dedicated Consultant

Friendly, Professional Team

Deluxe Package Precious Pics Pro wedding photographer

What's included?

Deluxe packages include Lead Photographer and Associate Photographer or Lead Videographer and Associate Videographer. These packages are popular with those having weddings of over 30 guests, those getting ready in different locations, those with large shot-lists, and those who don't want to miss anything from their Big Day. 

1 Lead Photographer or Videographer

1 Associate Photographer or Videographer

Unlimited Locations

Digital Download

Professional Team

No Hidden Fees

  • What will be my investment?
    The actual investent depends on many variables. Prices mainly depend on the amount of hours and the amount of cameramen necessary to cover your day and match your style expectations. Before we come up with an estimate, we will ask you to send us your style boards or share portfolio links to find what your vision is all about. Based on your preferences, we then come up with several coverage options and send you a quote for your review. We're ready to answer your questions after and will adjust the options according to your requirements. Who said that weddings are easy? 😀
  • Can I select my photographer, videographer, style?
    Yes, but it comes with a catch. Most of the couples review portfolios based on the criteria not directly related to photo or video production work. They consider beauty of the couple, venue, decorations, and overall look and feel of the wedding when making their choice. However, your wedding may look different. Things like bad weather or dark lighting may ruin many desired shots. We offer professional help with your mood-board and portfolios picks to make sure that the final deliverable matches your vision.
  • Why do I need a second photographer or videographer?
    It depends on several variables. How many guests do you have? Are you getting ready in the same location? How big is your shot list? One cameraman has just two hands and needs help in many cases. Contact us to determine whether you need an associate shooter or not.
  • Do you work with a shot list?
    Yes, we work with your shotlist and can help you build one. Contact us for help.
  • Have you worked at my venue before?
    Most probably we have. Reach out here, specify your venue and ask for venue-specific portfolios in the comments.
  • How fast do you deliver?
    On average, it takes us less than 14 days to deliver your edited photos and less than 30 days to deliver edited videos.
  • How can I see more work?
    Contact us here and provide information about your venue name and location. We'll pull portfolios from the area and share dedicated links for your review.
  • How do I book?
    Contact us here to check your date availability. Get professional advice while selecting your package and share your Pinterest boards with us to determine your style. Review area or venue-specific portfolios and select the ones you like best. Book in a few clicks and get your date secured with an award-winning team.
  • What will happen after I book?
    Upon booking, we will send you a Booking Form that contains multiple questions about your day. We'll also request inspirational boards and anything that can help us better understand your vision. We'll then review the information provided and help you select the right creative to cover your day. Then, we'll jump on a 30-min call to go over your timeline, create desired shot-list and make notes of things important to you. Prior to your Big Day we'll book a backup team to make sure things go as planned, no matter what. You'll receive continuous support from professional team before, during and after your wedding. Contact us here to learn more.
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