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JASMINE & SERGIO | Our Garden | Precious Interview | Real Weddings

Florist: Alta Fleura

Desserts: Alessi Bakery

Photographer/Videographer: Precious Pics

"Sergio, you are a dream come true.

You are just what I needed in order for my heart and my life to be completed.

I love your laughter, your kindness, your intentionality and most of all, I love how God shines through you.

You have surpassed my every expectation from what I dreamed a husband should look like."


Jasmine, you brought colors into my life. You fill me with hope and joy. You bring the best out of me. you are beautiful, you are kind, you are talented, effortless and selfless. You are elegant and full of grace. A powerful woman I can't imagine my life without. From the many fields of flowers I could've picked or stumbled upon, you blossomed into my life when I least expected. Unassumingly as the Jasmine flower, you bloomed preciously through the night perfectly releasing the aroma that eventually led me to you. The reality is, all along you were rooted through every ground I walked. God was preparing me for the beauty that I was about to encounter. -Sergio

Chapter 1.

Once upon a time there were two beautiful people and one day they met each other...

Sergio and Raul (Sergio's dad) are Entrepreneurs. Jasmine's stepdad, Omar, was one of their clients. It was Christmas and Sergio and Raul decided to buy their close clients Christmas gifts. They drove many hours to give these gifts to their clients and Omar was the last one. They got to the location of where Omar worked, but it turned out Omar was already home. Omar welcomed them to come to his home, but it would be a farther drive out, and it was already late. Sergio felt the need to go so they went there regardless. Sergio and Raul made it to Omar's house.

While being there, Sergio met Jasmine's mom, Adalisa, and just casually talked about life.. for hours.. as Raul and Omar had their own discussions.

Everything went well and everyone parted their ways late that night.

The next morning, Adalisa contacts Jasmine and tells her all about this amazing man she met, Sergio.

She mentioned how devoted he is to God, and how he is a musician just like Jasmine.

She also stated how he was also very close with his family and his personality was very kind and genuine. Adalisa knew how important it was to Jasmine to be with a good man, so she encouraged Jasmine to reach out to him.

Jasmine was fascinated but ended up not reaching out. Adalisa reached out to Sergio to look at a video on YouTube of Jasmine singing.

Sergio listened to it and that next day he found Jasmine's social media and sent her a message congratulating her on her music. They had fun yet simple conversations throughout that week.

New Years Eve approached, and Adalisa invited Sergio's family to celebrate at her house.

Sergio's whole family came, therefore, him and Jasmine got to meet for the first time in person. From there, Sergio and Jasmine met up much more often which eventually led to their relationship.


Chapter 11.

The- Sparkle-Moment


We decided not to kiss for a bit during our dating process so we could get to know each other genuinely without the pressure of physical affection. Around April of 2022, our relationship grew strong and we felt more comfortable to talk about our future. In May of 2022 we had our first kiss and in June we decided that we do want to get married and in July we got engaged.

"-If your Love story would be a feeling, what would it be?

-Beyond love"


Chapter 111.

"Will you Marry me?"

We already knew we wanted to marry each other, so we wanted to do a photoshoot for the invitation website of our wedding.

Sergio planned the whole thing. We went to St. Augustine and his sister, Brigitte, was our amazing photographer. We went to downtown, to a fabulous known street full of beautiful trees, and to the beach. It was a long day but at the very end during sunset, we set up a picnic at the beach.

We have had many picnics on our dates before so this was very sweet to have a photoshoot about it.

I opened the picnic basket and there sits flowers and a sign that states, "Marry Me". I was so happy and overwhelmed with love. I can see a lot of thought was put into this.

"-If your Love story would be a music track, what would it be?

Todo Cambio by Camila "


Chapter 1v.

The Wedding

We chose the venue, Cross Creek Ranch, before our engagement because it was absolutely gorgeous and was an all-inclusive venue. They had various options for us to pick our styles of floral, design, and colors. It was such a smooth and easy process.

We both liked the garden/jungle theme so they easily accommodated to it.

I went to a Bridal Store with my best friend to get the dream wedding gown and when I put on this dress and I did not want to take it off! My heart was racing. I had been hoping to rent a dress but ended up buying it because of how much I fell in love with it.

Precious Pics:

What was the most exciting moment of your wedding? Why?

Jasmine: Seeing each other for the first time. Since young, we both dreamed of our wedding day and to see that moment come to life was surreal.

"-If your Love story would be a word, what would it be?



Dear Jasmine & Sergio

We're incredibly honoured to witness the celebration

of your unique love story and capture your


Fairytales are real.

Sincerely yours,


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