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MACKENZIE & TIM | It's our Wonderful Life | Precious Interview | Real Weddings

Photographer/Videographer: Precious Pics

I love how Tim is so sensitive to my feelings and always makes sure I am happy and taken care of.

He is so sweet and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

We have the best life together with our fur baby cat Elton.


Mackenzie is the definition of FAMILY.


Chapter 1.

Once upon a time there were two beautiful people and one day they met each other...

We met on a beautiful day in midtown Detroit, at the intersection of Second and Forest. We've been together ever since, and each day has been a new adventure. Whether we're taking a leisurely stroll through the park or sharing a romantic dinner, our love continues to grow stronger and more vibrant with each passing moment.


Chapter 11.

The- Sparkle-Moment

It was a cold and snowy evening when we found ourselves huddled on the couch with Tim's sister, watching movies and laughing until the wee hours of the morning. But as the night drew to a close and it was time for me to head home, I couldn't bring myself to leave. So, I lied and told that the roads were slick with ice so Tim asked me to stay... It was the-Sparkle-Moment night that I will never forget, the one that cemented our love and solidified our bond.

"-If your Love story would be a feeling, what would it be?



Chapter 111.

"Will you Marry me?"

It was New Year’s Eve... The final scenes of "It's a Wonderful Life" played out on the screen. With perfect timing, Tim paused the movie at the stroke of midnight and asked if I'd like to watch the deleted scenes. I said "yeah" and suddenly he got down on one knee (did it very poorly but so adorable!)and with George Bailey's voice he asked me to marry him!

"-If your Love story would be a music track, what would it be?

Made for you - Jake Owen"


Chapter 1v.

The Wedding

We love camping and have been camping in Metamora before, so when my mom suggested the White Horse Inn we fell in love! After seeing the venue I knew that was the place we were to become husband and wife.

I wanted a boho/fall style wedding with lots of pompas grass and amber colored vases.

My dress was a love at first sight!

I saw it and fell so in love with it (just like Tim).

Precious Pics:

What was the most exciting moment of your wedding? Why?

Mackenzie: -My first look with my husband, and my grandpa walking me down the isle!

"-If your Love story would be a word, what would it be?



Dear Mackenzie & Tim

We're incredibly honoured to witness the celebration

of your unique love story and capture your


Fairytales are real.

Sincerely yours,


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