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MEGAN & SHELDON | Strummed into my heart | Precious Interview

Venue: Hunt Valley

Photo Booth: iRose Films

Florist: Bloominous

Groom's Suit: Custom Clothiers

Photographer/Videographer: Precious Pics

" It’s hard to describe Sheldon without getting super sappy and writing a whole paper but in simple terms, he’s the perfect person for me. There’s no one who’s sweeter, funnier, or goofier than he is and he makes me appreciate every moment that I spend with him, even the frustrating ones.

He’s the best chihuahua dad, unbelievably kind and talented, and I admire his ability to face challenges head on and to not be afraid of change. And I’m so thankful that I got to marry my best friend. "


" There’s many ways I can describe Megan:

beautiful, driven, strong, brave, fun, weird, kinda cool, but in short she’s just my person.

She’s absolutely perfect for me and pushes me to be a better person in every way possible.

More than my wife, she’s my best friend (forever). "


Chapter 1.

Once upon a time there were two beautiful people and one day they met each other...

Megan: Sheldon was my very cute guitar teacher, for my birthday my mom paid for me to get guitar lessons and the rest is history (although I don’t know how to play the guitar after all these years together).


Chapter 11.

What makes you a perfect couple?

Sheldon and I are basically the same person, and having someone have the same thought at the same time as you is very funny and special at the same time. Being able to laugh to the point of tears over something simple together, to have your significant other be your best friend is the greatest thing in life.

"-If your Love story would be a feeling, what would it be?



Chapter 111.

Will you marry me?

Sheldon and I were in our favorite coffee shop when we had to cancel our trip to Italy due to the pandemic. Sheldon and I were playing connect four, when Sheldon dropped several pieces on the floor when he dropped down to pick them up, he dropped down on one knee to ask me the big question.

"-If your Love story would be a music track, what would it be?

Dear Maria, Count me in-All Time Low"


Chapter 1v.

The Wedding

Since we got engaged right as the world shut down, there was only wedding planning to do!

Sheldon and I enjoy simple elegance, with a touch of bling, and our favorite color is blue so we combined all of these things, and with help from Pinterest, we had a goal for the wedding.

As for two students trying to pay for a wedding themselves, we looked into venues that were able to provide more bang for their buck, which is why Hunt Valley was the perfect place for us, where we didn’t have to compromise looks for affordability.

Since our wedding was in November, I knew I wanted a long sleeved dress but something with more flare and not so traditional.

I’ve always been in love with open backed dresses, so when I tried my dress on for the first time I knew it was the one for me once I started shimming in it.

Precious Pics:

What was the most exciting moment of your wedding? Why?


Seeing everything come together!

I had been wedding planning for the majority of two years and did almost everything by myself, so to see something that I’ve only seen in my head become a reality was very satisfying.

"-If your Love story would be a word, what would it be?


Dear Megan & Sheldon,

We're incredibly honoured to witness the celebration

of your unique love story and capture your


Fairytales are real.

Sincerely yours,


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