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Corinne & Eddy | Authentic Love | Precious Interview | Real Weddings

Cake: Edda’s Cake Designs Florist: Flower Kingdom Bridal Salon: Molle Bridals Grom's suit: Jos A Banks

DJ: Infiesta & Co. Entertainment Photographer/Videographer: Precious Pics

"My husband… You are truly the most perfect man for me.

You are faith filled, talented, caring, strong and super loving. Your infectious energy pulls me in closer everyday and like I say to you, “I just wanna kiss yo face.”

I will tell you I love you over and over again as I feel I’m the luckiest woman to be standing next to you and carrying your last name.

I love you Mr. Puyol."


My babe…

I love the way you look at me and when I look into your eyes all I see is love beaming out of you!

You radiate love and draw me in closer to you every day.

I love spending every day together and I’m so thankful we crossed paths.

You’re my ride or die, my once in a lifetime, my one in a million.

I love you Corinney Puyol. -Eddy

Chapter 1.

Once upon a time there were two beautiful people and one day they met each other...

Eddy’s family owns Gardens Learning Center, a preschool in Palm Beach Gardens, and by God’s divine plan I enrolled my children in their school. Eddy and I would greet each other on kid drop off/pick up. Fun fact: Eddy had to ask his sister Sofie how to say my name because he wanted to make a good impression. As we talked just a little more every day we realized we had a lot in common. Over time we became friends and realized maybe we should arrange a “date” outside the school.

Chapter 2.



I started falling in love with Corinne rather quickly. We had so much fun together.

We had tons of similarities and could literally do everything together.

When she would look into my eyes I could tell she loved me.

I didn’t want to rush into things took quickly but then life handed me a blessing I was praying for.

I ended up getting full time custody of my girls.

Corinne realized that my kids were my everything and wanted to help play a role in their lives.

She wanted to show them what a happy, healthy family looks like.

After that my kids asked me nonstop when I was going to marry her and I knew then she was going to be my forever.


I knew Eddy was the one from the start.

I felt such peace and comfort being with him. It was like we had known each other our entire lives.

Those feelings weren’t something I had experienced before so I told myself to follow the feelings.

I took a blind leap of faith putting everything into a relationship knowing that 4 kids would be impacted by this choice.

With each of us having 2 kids we had to “work” to see each other but I truly believe that “work” is what lead us to today.

Relationships require effort and seeing that we both made effort for each other as well as our kids confirmed the love, trust, respect and friendship that we were creating is everything to us.

"-If your Love story would be a feeling, what would it be?


Chapter 3.

Will you Marry Me?


I’m a family man and wanted to make sure I included our kids and family in the proposal. So after a Christmas event at our church I took her outside where our family was gathered, my brother Bobby was waiting to give me the ring, and in the distance our kids were holding up a sign that said “Will You Marry Me.” With tears of joy she kept saying to me, “Are you serious?” and I told her, “Yes!” I got down on one knee and I asked her for her hand in marriage. Without hesitation she said yes!

"-If your Love story would be a music track, what would it be?

One in a Million -Aaliyah


The Wedding.

Eddy knew from the beginning he wanted his friend Burnard Scott to marry us so we called him first to see what his availability was.

One of the dates he mentioned was March 11, 2023.

As believers we like the number 3 as we include God in everything we do and the number 11 is major if you are a sneaker head and that my husband is.

Jordan 11’s are his favorite shoes and Jordan’s number was 23 so we thought it was a date made in Heaven.


From there we decided we wanted to keep everything local to where we live.

Eddy’s family are members of the North Palm Beach County Club where they golf multiple times a week.

We said that venue would be perfect since it has a special meaning to the family.

I messaged the club to see if that date would work.

On that same weekend I went and tried on wedding dresses at Molle Bridal. I knew I wanted a dress that was classic, elegant and timeless to match our black and white wedding color theme. I found my dress and bought it right off the rack! It was perfect!

Precious Pics:

What was the most exciting moment of your wedding? Why?

From Bride- For me being announced as Husband and Wife! We are a beautiful blended family and hearing for the first time that we are Mr. and Mrs. Puyol solidified our family unit as one!

From Groom- To me having one of my best friends Burnard Scott officiate the ceremony and pray a special blessing on our Party of 6 was something super special to me as our marriage is bigger than just the 2 of us… It’s our full family.

"-If your Love story would be a feeling, what would it be?



Dear Eddy & Corinne, We're incredibly honoured to witness the celebration

of your unique love story and capture your


Fairytales are real.

Sincerely yours,


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