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Anniversary photoshoot: The Gift you've been looking for.

If you found this blog post: congratulations on your first wedding anniversary!

Yes indeed ,time flies with the speed of light and we're here to help choosing the best gift for your first year of Happily-Ever-After. Today's reality embraces professional photography like never before. Couples & Families are booking love story shoots and lifestyle photo sessions. And we truly inspired to nurture this tradition long into your married life.

Anniversary photo sessions are just an ideal opportunity to revisit your memories about how you fell in love, remind each other about how beautiful your connection is, reflect how close you are now and celebrate your very own family milestones.

Get your Pinterest boards ready, we're about to take off that plane and show you ALL the beauty of marriage through the camera lens of our award-winning photographers.

Indoor Anniversary sessions.

Want to tell the story of your love and try a few outfits? Hotels, Restaurants, country clubs, SPA clubs, even your wedding venue would absolutely love to assist you! We highly recommend to choose indoor anniversary session if you want to play with different angles and lighting while enjoying all benefits of your location. ( Choose a place where you can stay overnight and we guarantee, your wedding anniversary will be 100% unforgettable!:)

Historical sites sessions.

Yes yes, we totally understand the assignment if you call us and say: "I want an EPIC anniversary experience!" Prepare heels, suit, red dress and a bottle of Champagne - we know how to and ready to record your glorious achievement in the annals of history.

Home. Sweet home.

T is for true intimacy. Irreplaceable home comfort, your favourite spots, coffee, fireplace, sunsets together and kisses under that old muma-tree that means so much to you. We're here to capture your authentic selves and pass the memory to your children.

Love goes Wild.

Yes, we totally understand what you mean when say "Even the sky and all rivers of the world can't fully comprehend how much we love each other." But we definitely can help you to highlight that statement. Just tell us time and send the location \ we'll be there to prove that in color.

Here comes the Baby!

Look at you! Becoming parents is the journey that is difficult to overestimate. You carry all the love of the world within you and photo session is a perfect opportunity to capture the moments of your pregnancy while preserving memories for yourself, your spouse and your child in the future.

Celebrate your Family Milestone with Precious Pics

Couple Love Story sessions after the wedding is one of the most romantic ways to tell your love story as you continue to grow together as family. We're absolutely and insanely in love with this trend and want to share a few ideas that will inspire you to plan your own anniversary gift.


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