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January 2021 with Precious Pics | Annual Wedding & Engagement Report | Photography & Videography

Hello there, beautiful souls!

January is all about new beginnings and presents the ideal opportunity to celebrate a milestone as big and important as your Wedding/Engagement session.

January is named for the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings, gates, doorways, time, and passages. This is why January is considered the “doorway” to the new year and precisely why it matches perfectly with weddings, as they mark the beginning of your new life as part of a married couple. This is a theme that you can carry through your entire wedding! -Watermill Caterers

We're excited to open the yearly kaleidoscope of our fabulous couples with January selections and Venue references. Leave your comments and 👍 to support Precious Pics !

👀NOTE: Simply scroll the column galleries to see our favorite highlights or click on Full Album link to see all at once! 1. MARYAM & ALI

January 2nd, 2021

City: Washington DC Package: 8 hours Photography & Videography Collection Photographer: Quang for Precious Pics Videographer: Desmond for Precious Pics Venue: Home Wedding Style: Classic, Elegant Editing style: Bright & Airy


January 3rd, 2021

City: Miami, FL Package: 8 hours Photography & Videography Collection + DRONE & Engagement session upgrade Photographer: Slava for Precious Pics Videographer: Michael for Precious Pics Venue: Icon's Residence & Longan's Place Style: Classic, Elegant, Outdoor with elements of rustic Editing style: Vibrant


January 7, 2021

City: Homestead, FL Package: 9+5 hours Photography & Videography Collection Photographer: Alex for Precious Pics Videographer: Alex S. for Precious Pics Venue: The Old Grove Style: Classic, with elements of art-key and Candid, Military Editing style: Vivid & Warm


January 16th, 2021

City: Indian Rocks Beach, FL Package: 4 hours Photography & Videography Collection + Drone Upgrade Photographer: Kahlil for Precious Pics Videographer: Theon for Precious Pics Venue: Indian Rocks Beach Style: Candid, with elements of art-key Editing style: Light & Airy


January 23rd, 2021 City: Alexandria, VA Package: 8 hours Photography Deluxe Package Photographer: Quang for Precious Pics Associate Photographer: Caitlin for Precious Pics Venue: Cathedral of St. Thomas More, Arlington, Virginia & Landini Brothers Restaurant Style: Classic, elegant, romantic with elements of candid Editing style: Light, Airy & Warm