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Bridal Guide | Chapter 3: Styles and Formats

Wedding Trends for 2023: Styles and Formats

As we move into the year 2023, the wedding industry in the United States is undergoing a significant shift.

Boldness, mindfulness, and openness are the latest trends that are shaping the new rules for life and wedding celebrations. Couples across the country are reimagining their weddings and opting for unique experiences that reflect their personalities and styles. One of the most prominent trends in the US wedding industry for 2023 is a reduction in floristry. We've started looking for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional floral arrangements in line with the growing consciousness of the impact of weddings on the environment.

Another trend is the renewed focus on creating unforgettable experiences that guests will cherish for years to come. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, couples are seeking to create unique moments that will make their special day truly unforgettable. As a wedding photographers' and videographers' agency in the US, it's important to stay up-to-date with these trends and be prepared to capture these memorable moments for our couples.

New Traditions

Traditional wedding ceremonies are staying the essential part of every wedding yet no longer resonating with couples seeking more personalization and meaning in their celebrations. In place of the traditional toasts and competitions, couples are looking to create new traditions that reflect their personalities and values. One of the most popular trends over the past two years has been small intimate weddings with loved ones, but there's a new format that's emerging for 2023. Many couples are now opting for registry office ceremonies, followed by brunch or dinner with their parents, and then heading straight to the airport for their honeymoon.

This format is straightforward and eliminates the stress and time commitment of a more elaborate wedding celebration. This new trend allows couples to focus on what's most important: their love and commitment to each other. As a wedding photographer, it's essential to be aware of these new trends and to help your clients capture these precious moments in their own unique way. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a registry office ceremony, every couple's love story is special and deserves to be captured beautifully.

Large Weddings Return (or maybe not)

The wedding industry is eagerly waiting for the return of large-scale celebrations in the post-COVID era.

With many couples postponing their wedding plans due to the pandemic, the industry is seeing a pent-up demand for grand celebrations that will hopefully take place when borders reopen and restrictions are lifted.

However, whether large weddings will make a full comeback or not is still uncertain.

As we all know, COVID-19 has significantly impacted the wedding industry, with couples opting for more intimate and smaller ceremonies to comply with the restrictions. But with the vaccine rollout, there is a growing sense of optimism, and many couples are now considering rescheduling their weddings to a later date when they can safely invite all their loved ones to celebrate their special day.

And while flying to Italy, France, or other destinations may still be a dream for some, there are many ways to create stunning and unique frames for couples, no matter where they choose to celebrate their love.

Looking Deeper Than Wider

As the world emerges from the pandemic, many couples are looking forward to celebrating their love with large-scale wedding events.

However, the focus has shifted from grandeur and ostentatious luxury to more unique, individual, and meaningful experiences. Couples are seeking out extraordinary locations that reflect their personalities and create unforgettable backdrops for their special day.

From breathtaking beaches to stunning mountain retreats, couples are opting for unique settings that allow them to capture the magic of their love story.

In addition, exclusive outfits and rings that reflect their individual styles are becoming increasingly popular, with couples looking for bespoke pieces that are as unique as their love story.

Digitization has also revolutionized the wedding industry, with couples using social media and other digital tools to personalize their weddings and share their special moments with loved ones who are unable to attend in person.

Another trend that's gaining momentum is the concept of a wedding week, where couples and their guests can spend an entire week celebrating together and creating unforgettable memories.

And of course, haute cuisine is always a hit at weddings, with couples opting for bespoke menus that reflect their tastes and preferences.

Picturesque Locations

In the age of social media and mobile photography, weddings are no longer just about the ceremony and the reception.

Couples are seeking out unique and atmospheric locations that provide a stunning backdrop for their wedding photos and create an unforgettable experience for their guests.

From abandoned warehouses to rustic barns, couples are choosing venues that are not traditionally designed for weddings but have a unique charm that reflects their personalities and style.

Wedding agencies can help couples adapt any venue to their celebration, ensuring that the location reflects the couple's vision and enhances their special day.

Whether it's installing custom lighting or creating a unique floral arrangement, wedding agencies can help transform any space into a beautiful and memorable setting. In addition, couples can add personalized touches such as a photo booth or customized cocktail bar to create a unique atmosphere that reflects their personalities.

By understanding the unique atmosphere of each venue, you can create a timeless album that reflects the beauty and individuality of each couple's love story.

Futurism, Stars, and Space...

The global trend for futurism, stars, and space will be reflected in sparkling dresses, star or planet-shaped jewelry, moon installations, lighting, starry skies, and smoke. In 2023, decorators will offer truly bold and bright ideas for decoration. Couples can choose to flood the whole hall with one color or make an accent against the background of white, gray, or black.

Decor Without Flowers

Classic wedding floristry is taking a back seat, and decorators have come up with alternatives to fill the space and create an atmosphere. Couples can use candles, ceramics, shells, stones, fruits and berries, silk, and other textile installations, dried flowers, sand, grass, water, crystal, and crystals to create their desired aesthetic.

In conclusion, wedding trends for 2023 include a focus on individuality and personalization, unique experiences, and a rejection of traditional wedding ceremonies. Whether large weddings will return depends on the epidemiological situation, but couples will continue to seek out Instagrammable locations, pure art, and decor without flowers.


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