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10 Reasons to hire a photographer for your Wedding Reception

Yes, we totally understand, wedding budget it's a sore subject and when it comes to the subject of wedding reception photography, it is excluded from the list of essentials. After all, we all have phones and social media and WhatsApp to share, right? Let us show you a different perspective and share with you 10 reasons why we believe you should hire a photographer for your wedding reception.


1. Wedding reception is the part when you finally celebrate your marriage! This is that one once-in-a-lifetime party that will remind you and your people that you know how to have fun. Reception is the time of real emotions and real moments when you no longer worry about perfect poses, but finally feel that this is your Big Day. This party deserves a professional who will document it the way you love it.

2. True emotions Those candid shots of your beloved ones laughing, dancing, crying, being ridiculous, epic and happy - those are the real moments that will tell more about you and your circle. So many stories that will have a photograph reminder in your wedding album!

3. Professional photographer is the person who sees not just a moment but the very best angle to capture it. A professional camera is still something that can't be replaced fully by the phone because it is more sensitive to lighting, focus, exposure, and motion. Yes, the best moments are those that are usually distorted, but what if you can get a professional epic shot too?

4. The First Dance It’s your first dance and all eyes are on you. Whether you feel on top of the world, nervous, or even terrified, you want to look perfect and have this unique moment captured the way it deserves to be remembered.

5. Wedding decorations You spent hours, days, weeks and months planning every single detail, matching colors, texture and flowers, picking right vendors and scrolling on Pinterest with your wedding gang. Usually, photographers use time after the ceremony and bridal party shots to capture every single detail you had dedicated your time and finances to.

6. Send-Off Photographs Staged or real, these photographs are the culmination of your Big Day and can't be ignored. These photos are those that we find in every Pinterest mood board. We all dream to have it in our wedding album. Asking your friends or family to capture it without participating is not fair and would not guarantee you a great shot. Trust us, this is the favorite photo in wedding albums and those seconds that you walk out into your marriage are the seconds that you want to be remembered.

7. Epic dance moves

A simply irreplaceable and infinite source of great mood. Always unique, impossible to stage. We know you enjoy it as much as we do. It is a masterpiece of happiness.

8. Who will catch a bouquet? The bouquet toss is one of the most entertaining and exciting traditions indeed – but please don't underestimate the difficulty to capture it properly. We'll be honest: we DO train at home with our family members. This is not just art. This is a skill and we master it.

9. Cutting the cake A tip from professionals: Photos of couples cutting their cake in a circle of friends and family are AMAZING!. I t’s another chance for your wedding album to remind what your Big Day was about – being with your people, not just following traditions.

10. All those hugs Isn't it great to see how the celebration of love encourages and inspires people to cultivate it and share with each other? Our collection of hugs is impressive and every photo is brilliant and 100% real emotion.


Your wedding album tells your story of love. Your wedding is a day of absolute love, happiness celebration, fun, and family unity – and is there anything that proves it more than a reception party filled with your people? The only thing you’ll have once the wedding is done is your memories (and gifts) – and capturing these moments is essential. for your wedding. Add it to your must-have wedding list and you'll never regret it.


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