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10 Reasons to fall in love with Black & White Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not just a report about your Big Day, it is also a form of art. Gentle and expressive, thoroughly selected and processed, it is a unique story of your life that will become your family heritage. One of the questions we've been asked a lot lately is how do we feel about black and white photography.

Beginners shoot black and white shots to learn how to feel light and composition, professionals - to capture emotions of the moment in a pure form, without distractions. Editing trends are changing every day, filters change like Zara's collections, but monochrome photography remains an all-time classic. AND WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Here are 10 reasons why from Precious Pics professionals:

  1. Roman, Precious Pics Lead Photographer in DC area: The beauty of black and white photography is that it wakes up your imagination! Yes, imagination! This is a magical color book for your mind. You decide what was the shade of the sky when the picture was taken, what shade is the bride's eyes, how deep is the night, and how delightful the sunset... Black and white photography shows not only the beauty and excitement of the captured moment but tells a story

2. Marina, Precious Pics Lead Photographer, Seattle, WA: I choose black & white to emphasize emotion, lighting, moment, perspective of geometry, or dynamics in the frame. Black and white footage captures this much better than color footage. But monochrome shots are also different: sometimes you want to add more contrast to convey clear lines or movement, and sometimes you want to make the photo as soft and delicate as possible in order to enhance the emotional component of the frame.

3. David, Precious Pics Lead Photographer in Baltimore area: Monochrome is the poetry of photography! If you want to understand the philosophy of a photographer, just check his/her black & white works - this is the core of every professional's understanding of aesthetics. It doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be meaningful.

4. Eugene, Precious Pics Lead Photographer & Videographer, Seattle & Tacoma area: Black & White is Dramatic. Cinematic. Epic. Mysterious. Intimate. Sublime. I dream to shoot an entire wedding in black & white, it would be a timeless masterpiece.

5. Victoria, Precious Pics Lead Photographer in Miami, FL: I'm such a fan of contrasts! I choose for black and white the moments and angles with correct and hard side- and backlight. Such photos create cinematic depth. If I see lighting like this, then I'm 100% sure that the photo will look great in black and white. Black and white photographs are those in which you do not need anything extra. The loss of color helps to get a deeper sense of the photo so that nothing gets in the way of the senses when you look at it and become imbued with it.

6. Slava, Precious Pics Lead Photographer in FL: Color is more difficult to perceive. Black and white photography helps to convey the essence of the frame and remove unnecessary information. This is a powerful tool if you want to show some kind of rhythm, plot, or light in the frame and remove all the details that distract the viewer. There are usually two reasons for black and white images. The first is commonplace - visual noise from a large number of colors, unpleasant reflexes on faces, and so on. In such cases, b / w immediately removes all unnecessary noise and helps to perceive the composition and all the emotions in the frame. The second reason is artistic. To understand why some shots are made in black and white, you need either art education, or some kind of experience - you understand this intuitively, already at the level of sensations and accumulated knowledge.

7. Nomi, Precious Pics Associate Photographer in Colorado area:

Historically, photography was born in black and white. Many people admire such shots, especially when it is their story. It's hard to describe, but sometimes you just feel that black and white is the right choice.

8. Antonio, Lead Editor of Precious Pics: I am a big fan of black and white photographs: they return me to the origins of photography, make me forget about all the extra colors, and focus on emotions. It is actually more difficult to create a beautiful and “expensive” black and white image than to obtain one in color, and converting a color image to black and white in order to create a different, more cinematic picture is a rather complicated and meticulous process. Black and white photographs have a difficult task - to tell a whole story with one photograph, photographs in this version are most often more documentary, more emotional and have a stronger effect on the viewer.

9. Anna, Creative Manager of Precious Pics: Black & white is quite a challenge yet every time I do selections for blogs and social media, I can't ignore monochrome. There is something unexplainably deep in every shot. More powerful. More special.

10. Maria, Precious Pics Lead Photographer in Savannah: Black & white is my compliment to couples. When I feel the urge to choose black & white mode, it's me saying: "YOU ARE ART ITSELF!" and "YOUR LOVE INSPIRES ME!"


Our life consists of black and white stripes, so if the frame turned out to be remarkable, make it in b / w. Black and white photographs have their own strong character, and it is a sign of professionalism to feel in which scenes the absence of color will better convey the atmosphere or focus on the main thing in the frame.

Monochrome is a truly timeless heritage of memories.


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