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Once Upon A Time at Ever After Farms | Arielys & Jose | Indianatown, FL

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved talking to the Moon and Heaven. And she was mysterious and she was perfect, in that way that girls who talk to the sky are. Once, the girl asked The Moon and Heaven to send her a Guardian Angel who would become her family, understand her without words, be her very best friend and watch the stars together when the August starfalls come. Years passed and the little girl grew into a bold and beautiful woman who knew that Moon and Heaven make dreams come true when you don't expect them to.

And then, Arielys met Jose.

Arielys & Jose is the couple that we proudly call Ambassadors of True Love. The way they look at each other answers everything without words. They have their own authentic magic of two people who were meant to find each other.

Gentle, quivering, open to the world, radiating the same light of Love from within. A couple - Spring. A couple - Poetry. A Couple - Ode to True Love. Their bond is visible from the very first second, their connection is breathtaking. Arielys & Jose's Inspiration Board was all about combining posing with candid moments. Elegance in combination with a photojournalistic photography touch that would tell the story and capture true emotions through the day. They chose our 6-hours Photography & Videography Package with 2-hours Engagement Session. This is our Signature all-in-one affordable Bundle Package that we recommend to couples who want to test their venue before the wedding day. We asked our photographer to use prisms to enhance the image and add creativity touch for their outdoor photosession. *Please note that prisms are best in use with natural lighting and well-illuminated indoor spaces.

Arielys & Jose chose Ever After Farms for both, their engagement and wedding day. And it's the case of what photographers usually describe as "couple & venue chemistry". Rustic, heartwarming, idyllic, welcoming Wedding Barn and surrounding area that offers enough space to accommodate up to 200 guests. A picturesque treasure of Florida, hidden from the hustle of city life. Just a perfect fit for our couple!


...And on one of summer days when the starfalls come to make people's dreams come true, our loving souls had finally tied their knot and solemnly sweared to create their Happily Ever After.

The King has found his Queen.

Enjoy Arielys and Jose's Big Day Full wedding album with us!


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