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Guests that make your Big Day a party of the Year! | Must-come Guest List for your Wedding

When we speak about weddings, we often imagine the wedding through the eyes of the groom and bride, sometimes forgetting about the guests. Who, by the way, are the most exciting part of the celebration! It largely depends on the guests, their involvement, how the wedding will go. Our team loooooves exploring photos of the guests when receiving a full wedding album link! Receptions are so much fun to watch, with a good wedding photographer you feel absolutely present and celebrating the couple's Big Day with everyone! We created a must-come Guest List and collected our favorite photos as proof in case if you have doubts. Try to find these characters at your wedding, or compare yourself if you are a guest: we promise you'll have a ton of fun! Here come the guests that will make your wedding a Party of The Year!

1. The Bachelor(ette) You haven't had doubts we'll start from this one, had you? :) We LOOOVE watching bachelors and bachelorettes! This type is confident and vibrant, they love to be noticed and constantly joke about the times in college. Modesty and restraint are not about this type. Bachelor(ette)s are sparkles that love to be bright and will shine up every wedding with their presence instantly!

2. Lemme-post it-now or Selfieman

It's sometimes impossible for some guests to leave such an event without a personal experience of documenting it! They manage to keep it all updated, posted, and reviewed! Be prepared for the fact that they will shoot literally everything around, from your plate to the view at the road! :) Despite the fact that we strongly recommend hiring a professional for your wedding day, we must admit: collections from this type of guests are impressive! Total must-come!

3. The heart of the party Aaaaaaaah yes, that's the one we all love so much! Who doesn't?! They run out on the dance floor after the first dance and show the rest of the group what they are here for. They’ll make best friends with your grandma and the ring bearers alike and make sure that everyone is having a great time! And they'll definitely make your wedding a party of the Year!

4. Surrounded but not surrendered

Independent, intelligent and polite, loners who said that don't need +1 but a good drink. Introverts who love you so much yet need some space and time to exhale once in a while. There are the after-ceremony drinks mingling and the seating plans, that can make them feel a bit awkward but we see a special charm in these guests! They are the soul of meaningful talks as soon as see half of the people on the dance floor.

5. Best friends gang. Groomsmen and bridesmaids.

These people make your Big Day special. They are your closest family members and friends—the ones you have chosen to be by your side as you tie the knot. Those who laugh and cry with you and make sure you have a perfect wedding day. Instead of a million words, let us just prove to you how fun it can be with your best friends in suits and wedding gowns!

6. Kids and Parents The smallest wedding guests often do unpredictable (not to mention adorable!) things! It would be not fair if we didn't mention how kids can take your wedding to the next level. It's pretty hard to resist that kids make the best heartbreaking walks down the aisle with petals and ring pillows in tow. But even if they don't play a specific role in your wedding, they can add so much to your Big Day. These adorable photos will convince you to invite kids to your wedding.

7. Parents. Yes, of course, it's obvious but please let's honor the people whose joy to see you getting married is beyond and above! Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days in your parents' life. You are their pride and joy, finally leaving the nest and start your own family! It is a big milestone for them. They deserve to be mentioned in this list.