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10 Wedding Superstitions that Might Just Bring Good Luck to Your Big Day

Wedding days are steeped in tradition, and for many, that includes a healthy dose of superstition. Whether you're a fervent believer or simply enjoy a bit of whimsical folklore, these traditions add a touch of magic to the air. So, buckle up, soon-to-be-brides and grooms, as we delve into 10 charming wedding superstitions that might just sprinkle some extra lucky dust on your big day:

1. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: 

This classic quartet is a must-have for warding off bad juju. Choose an heirloom trinket as your "something old," a sparkling new accessory for the "new," borrow a cherished item from a happily married friend or family member for the "borrowed," and add a splash of blue – maybe through a sapphire necklace or a hidden ribbon in your dress – for the "blue."

2. Rain on Your Wedding Day Means Luck: 

Don't fret if the heavens open on your wedding day! Folklore tells us rain signifies fertility and a bountiful life together. Embrace the showers with cute umbrellas, playful rain boots, and perhaps even a spontaneous dance in the drizzle. Your wedding photos will be anything but ordinary!

3. Don't See Each Other Before the Ceremony: 

This age-old tradition adds an element of surprise and anticipation to the moment you meet at the altar. Keeping the first glimpse for the big walk down the aisle can make the emotions even more raw and beautiful.

However, for more than a decade this "tradition" has been knocked out by the First look photography session

4. Carry a Four-Leaf Clover: 

This lucky charm symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Tuck a genuine four-leaf clover into your bouquet, shoes, or garter for an extra dose of luck (and perhaps a fun scavenger hunt for your partner later!).

5. Keep a Piece of Wedding Cake to Eat on Your First Anniversary: 

Legend has it that sharing a slice of your wedding cake on your first anniversary rekindles the love and sweetness of your special wedding day. Just store it carefully – and resist the urge to nibble before then!

6. Break a Glass for Good Luck: In Jewish tradition, breaking a glass at the end of the ceremony signifies the breaking of past transgressions and a fresh start with your partner. You can even personalize this by choosing a glass engraved with your wedding date or initials.

7. Don't Wear Pearls on Your Wedding Day: 

While they may seem elegant, pearls are sometimes associated with tears in wedding lore. Opt for diamonds, gemstones, or even delicate flowers for your bridal accessories, just in case!

Funny thing, in 2023 pearls were all over wedding dresses. They totally looked fantastic! So… who doesn't want to throw away all of this just to look bold on your wedding day?

8. Throw Rice or Birdseed for Fertility: 

Sending off well wishes with a shower of rice or birdseed is a delightful tradition that symbolizes a long and fruitful marriage. Just remember to check with your venue about any restrictions on throwing things – confetti might be a safer bet in some cases.

9. Spend Your Wedding Night Away from Home: 

Start your new life together on a fresh note by spending the first night after your wedding at a hotel or somewhere special. It's a romantic tradition that adds a touch of adventure to the post-wedding bliss.

10. Don't Wash Your Wedding Dress Until After Your Honeymoon: 

This might seem odd, but some believe washing your wedding dress too soon can wash away the good luck it holds. Of course, you can get it professionally cleaned after your honeymoon – just wait until the dust settles (literally) before doing so.

How can I save all these moments for life?

Now, remember, superstitions are just that – superstitions. Whether or not you believe in them is entirely up to you. But there's one thing everyone must believe in: YOU NEED A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER to capture all these lovely moments. A good production at your wedding is part of your bridal guide.

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