• Valery

Andrew & Rebecca's #goldenhour Engagement

We often get asked what is the best time for an engagement session. The answer is whenever it is convenient for you and, of course, "golden hour" :) Most people agree that warm, golden hour light is the most flattering natural light for portrait photography. The diffused light at golden hour gives the skin a soft look and your subject can face the sun without squinting, so they're bathed in beautiful light. You can catch that magical light 2 hours after the sunrise and 2 hours before the sunset. Generally speaking, soft light is considered the best canvas for a photographer. It does not create harsh shadows and tends to be very dynamic-range-friendly, as your images will not feature harsh shadows or blown-out highlights. The golden hour casts a warm color temperature as well, which can be enhanced upon or corrected via post-processing. This warm color cast lends itself to being a flattering illumination upon any subject of your choosing.

Check out this beautiful Golden Hour session in Washington Park in Anacortes, WA for Andrew and Rebecca.