Things that we offer:

No commitments, No fees, just grab a gig and get the job done.

2-12 hour gigs, high hourly rates. Shoot, Upload, Get paid. No editing required. Accept or reject gigs based on your schedule.

We offer professional communication, fast, convenient digital uploads, travel compensations and quick payments.

We've been on the market for years and will stay for years to come. We look forward to working with you long-term.

Things that we look for:

You are kind, fun, and connect easily with people –we’d want to grab a drink with you after a shoot!

Your images are inspiring, moving and tell a story. You have the skills and experience to produce truly beautiful work.

You arrive on time, you deliver results, and you understand the importance of an incredible customer experience

You love your job and, like us, are passionate about changing the way people remember their precious moments.

Join our Team of Passionate Wedding Photographers and Filmmakers

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