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Gather Footage

Create separate folders for each camera. Upload RAW, uncompressed footage. Note the total number of files and the total amount of GB. 

Check Your Email

Receive an Upload Request Email from us. Contact us if you don't have it.

Check SPAM first.

Upload Footage

Upload RAW Footage into a role-specific folder. Compare the number of files in Google Drive folder with your notes.

Submit Your Upload

Complete the form on this page. We will automatically generate an invoice based on the data you provided and process your payment.

Georgina Michelle

Procurement Support

  • Uploads

  • Invoices

  • Paperwork

  • Bookings 


Upload Request Email received

Footage uploaded

Number of files uploaded matches the number of files on flash drives.

Notes & Comments submitted

Payment method selected

Payment details are accurate and up to date.

Alice Trejo

Client Support

  • Client Info

  • Preferences

  • Wedding Day Info

  • Parking Info

Daria Kapusta

Procurement Manager

  • Issues

  • Delays

  • Escalations

  • Reports

Notes & Reporting

Answer these questions when writing your notes

  • Weather Complications

  • Lighting & Composition overview

  • Drone flying restrictions (if applicable)

  • Delays by planner or couple

  • Production Complications

  • Did you arrive on time? 

  • Extension of coverage on the spot

  • Meal provision & quality

  • Issues with Travel & Parking

  • Creative Notes

  • Remarks by the couple received during the day

  • Couples's wishes received during the day

  • Important Characters

  • Any other information you would like to share

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